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How can I buy the Rider-style Sleeveless Hoodie by Custom Culture. 9,975円 at Marui.

You’re asking about an item that has long since sold out, but you can learn how to buy stuff from Japan by checking out our guide!

"[no] purposefully replicating brand-themed coordinates (such as those in advertising or print campaigns) in a cosplay-like style or manner." Means that you can't take a print ad and handmake your own copy like you are cosplaying an anime character. For example, taking a picture of a Putu coord where it's a black skirt and top with butterflies and making your own black skirt and top and hand-painting on butterflies with fabric paint. AKA really bad handmade replica costumes.

Thanks! They should have just said “No recreations or replicas of official brand items allowed.” The whole thing is written poorly, though.

Hi! I was wondering if you could direct me to somewhere that sells STIGMATA things? I can only find a few things on the Japanese Yahoo Auctions. I'm especially looking for the white gauze skirt! :<

Hey anon – could you be a bit more specific about the skirt? I was able to find this one.


It doesn’t seem like there are many good places to buy this brand online. Kera Shop is listed as the primary stockist on Stigmata’s site, but they only have three items available online.

Zazi Online was mentioned in the last entry on Stigmata’s blog, but that post is from 2011, which leads me to believe that the brand might be defunct. Still, there are a few items in stock.

It seems like you’ll have a hard time finding items from this brand, but good luck!

Is treasure-japan a shopping service too? Is that any better then the ones you recommend, or are they all pretty much the same?

It’s hard to say whether a service is good or not without having used it, as a lot of it is about things like customer service, speed of response, etc. Looking at their fees though, they are very competitive. I think you can safely use this service.

Could you maybe do a step-by-step all about the shopping services please? English isn't my first language and I'm finding it a little difficult getting around it @_@

I’m working on something and will post it when it’s complete :)

i'm sorry, but what exactly are you ranting and raving about?

Japanese fashion. I think.