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Japan sees the weirdest collaborations. In the next issue of Arena Homme+ Magazine, you’ll be able to see the cast of Final Fantasy XIII donning duds from Prada's Spring 2012 collection. No word if on the rest of the issue will be 40+ hours of reading the same pages over and over again.

The best part is this isn’t even the first Final Fantasy fashion collaboration. Back in 2008 Square-Enix announced that they would be collaborating with iconic streetwear label Roen to produce clothing based on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which is especially amusing since it’s been almost four years since then and that game still hasn’t come out.

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    The part about FF Versus XIII is kind of my favorite part.
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    Who needs models when you can have video game characters modeling high-end fashions for you?
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    relavent to my being.
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    Brilliant. Just brilliant.
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    this is super cool, but i am super unimpressed with the clothes themselves
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    hey hey cally erik and other final fantasy people
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    My inner 14 year old is jumping up and down right now!
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